Week 6 – Firewalls and Gear Blocks

Post Chrismtas revival.

I took a few fews off for the holidays season and put “Shooter!” on hold for a few days. Also, I was trying to rave up the sendacrossword.com site optimizing the SEO. If someone has advices on that I’d be interested to know why it’s not in page 1 on google.. it seems to be the most relevant.

Anyway, I am now back on “Shooter!” and introduced a few concepts:

  1. Firewalls: they will kill you and they move toward you
  2. Gear Blocks: They rotate, and I can stick switches on them

Beside I refactored a little bit the way I handle my entities. I am using a factory pattern with a common interface for all entities. I know there are libraries to manage entities such as Ashley but that’s something I could explore in my next game.

I have started to read an excellent book “The book of shaders“. I highly recomend it. I think I will introduce some shaders in “Shooter!”.

Here is a little video of the concepts introduced this week.

If you want to test or play it, message me and I add you to the prebeta testers. Suggestion/comment welcome!


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