Week 3

3rd week into playing around building a shootem up with #LibGDX. Great progress I feel.

I have succesfully uploaded the game to the app store. Usually I leave this to the very last minutes. Although the game is not ready, I wanted to close the cycle as soon as possible. The idea is that I can now have people join and test the game if they feel like it: Fail fast! Of course the game has not been approved by Apple yet, I am merely creating it so that I can use in in open beta (testflight). This was surprinsingly easy. Instruction on the site were super easy to follow

I have nailed the controller for the game I think. Initially I wanted the player to touch on the screen where to shoot but that did not feel confortable. I have created two virual controllers: A gamepad and a shoot button. If you want to rotate, you justr fling on the shoot button. it feels super nice.

I have added a background and sounds. I have watched again “Event Horizon” last evening and I quite liked a dark theme for the game.

I created the first few rounds to illustrate the basic game mechanic. Now I am going to add new level, introduce bonuses..

As I said, if you want to try the game yourself please direct message me on twitter @JulienVillegas (iOS only for now..)

Check out the video below

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