Week1 / A new chapter

I have spent quite a bit of time on Wordfiesta (my first #LibGDX game) and then on sendacrossword.com. The later is a small application allowing you to:

  • Create your own crossword based on your personal clue.
  • Send it as a postcard or as online version to people you care about.

As it stands, the application is published for iOS and Android, some people are using it (I have even seen it used as a gender reveal tool which I did not expect) but it needs to attract more people. The social media and marketing is really not my thing or maybe it simply means that there are not that many people interested in sending each other crosswords.

Anyways… while I try to get sendacrossword.com take off I need something fun, a project that gets me to be creative and do what I enjoy: programming.

I was a big fan of R-Type and other Shoot’em up as a teen so I am going to give it a try to one of my own.

Of course, I need to add a twist to it, I am thinking:

  • Box2dBased – i.e.: use gravity and real physic in the behaviour
  • Use the concept of switch and other meachanisms to activate components and other physical elements in the game.
  • Bonuses and other fancy particle effect based on particle effect. Might also give a try to shader OpenGL manipulation. I have not done that before but it seems interesting.

My aim is to do this in 3 to 4 months and have it released on mobile and steam platform.

Of course I have a full time job and I don´t have that much time to dedicate to it, a couple of hours there and then in the evenining or over the weekend, so I will manage my own expectation and aim to release super fast to gage if people like it.

I started last weekend and I created the very basic building blocks:

  • A Ship
  • A few Enemies
  • Collision detection
  • Gravity
  • bullets
  • a couple of particle effects

Most of these things I implemented reusing my tutorials on Libgdx.info so it took very little time.

Check this first weeks work here…

I will really early on make it available in test flight for random people to give it a try even if it is not finished and give the opportunity to change the direction it is going one way or another..

Feel free to give me your feedback I would love to hear what you think


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